Still from The Reckoning at the Southern Cross Hotel, 2016, 4:40 minute video piece. Portraiture, Rebeccah Power; Motion Graphics, Carlo Cersosimo; Music, Tobias Cummings; Concept design, William Wilding.


The Reckoning at the Southern Cross Hotel was the second part of Shaping Change. While accessible online, it was initially programmed into the mural. It was thereby viewable on smart phones through Augmented Reality Technology. Departing from Conflict Invites Resolution and terminating in Universal Principle, it dramatised the complex or emergent dynamics of biological life. Exploring the tension between love and strife, it primarily concerned the power of recognition. 


The Reckoning comprised nine scenes in three acts that moved from closed to open verse. A looping piece, it asked how design determines content through form.




Investigating the structures and relations of interdependence, it considered how oscillating between reflection and projection enables one to produce oneself.



Exploring the consequences of self-deception, it examined how one can overcome disaster in the process of acknowledging what one feels unable to confront.


The Reckoning at the Southern Cross Hotel, 2016