Shaping Change, 2017. Video, Michael Bainbridge.


Studio Romantic presented Shaping Change at Scot's Church in Melbourne during the White Night Festival 2017. Incorporating three interacting parts into a dynamic whole, it asserts humans can overcome situations that threaten to destroy them - provided they redesign structures that determine them. Produced through the support of Swinburne University and the Besen Family Foundation, it is a deeply inclusive work that embraces truth, hope and positivity.




Shaping Change, 2017



Studio Romantic would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the realisation of these ideas. This especially includes Louisa Marks, Mark Burley, Arran Gare, Roberta Anderson, Andrea Streckfuss, Kurt Seemann, Richard Sadus, James Malin, Mark Whitehead, Michael Hall, Andrew Tarlington, Esther Wilding, Carlo Cersosimo, Tobias Cummings, Michael Bainbridge, Michael Glucz, Ean Power, Simon Mundy, Graeme Haddon, Dennis Nicholson and Scott Thompson-Whiteside.