Nexūs: The Speculative Journal of Social Science, Human Technology and Strategic Design—MISSION STATEMENT

Nexūs is an inter-disciplinary journal that fosters collaboration between creative thinkers across the Humanities, Sciences and Design at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. It enables graduates to explore the dialogue between theoretical and empirical research, resolve problems with partners in industry, and thereby create knowledge and demonstrate skills.    

Grounded in Philosophy at the School of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities in the Faculty of Health, Arts and Design, Nexus manifests the University’s drive to create real change in the world. A staff-led, student-powered initiative, it prepares graduates to solve complex problems through the dissemination of traditional and non-traditional research outputs.

A future-forming project, Nexus publishes qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research that promotes sustainability, democracy and health. Emphasising the dialogue between theoretical and empirical research, it supports industry-oriented projects that contribute to the design and delivery of government policy, sustainable development and philanthropic missions.

Nexus facilitates work between staff and students that aims to develop the knowledge and skills required to produce, support and project ideas. It develops complex problem solving, critical thinking and decision making skills, in addition to creative, emotional and social intelligence. In so doing, it cultivates the editorial tools that graduates need to create the future or shape change.

Ní Uigín, Higgins, and McHale (2015) explain student-led journals in postgraduate programs enable students to deepen judgement, negotiate conflict and coordinate resources beyond the classroom. With these aims in mind, Nexus invites people in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Design to share knowledge or skills with a view to creating environmentally sustainable, ecological civilizations.  

William Wilding